Welcome A.Prof.Shadi M.S. Hilles ​from Al-Madinah International University, Malaysia to be Conference Chairman!

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A.Prof.Shadi M. S. Hilles, Al-Madinah International University, Malaysia

Research Area: 

IoT and Cybersecurity, Computing vision

Research Experience:

Dr. SHADI M.S. HILLES is a Project consultant in Research and Innovation in Al-Madinah International University, currently working on Project entitle ”Development of cyber security holistic theoretical framework (CyberSecHolisticFrame) in data and information fusion to recognize cyber terrorism in cyber space” and “Enhancing University curriculum to achieve requirement of advance technology by migrating to industrial revolution 4.0” he is established 4.0 industrial Revolution center in MEDIU, also He is membership of SPIE-The international Society for Optical Engineering, He has published in indexed journals such as ISI and Scopus, and has book chapters in Springer and IGI, Dr. SHADI has presented papers in several conferences included IEEE and was one of track chair of IEEE conference. He participates in numerous project of computer science in courses, workshop and trainer in Computer network and in computer vision fields. He is a main supervisor for PhD and master students and was examiners for postgraduate students, under his supervision there are 3 PhD students have graduated in image processing field and wireless networking,  9 master students in image processing and in cryptography and network security, he is one of research development team and editorial manager in MEDIU journal.