Welcome Dr. Norazryana Mat Dawil ​from Sunway University, Malaysia to be Committee Member!

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Dr. Norazryana Mat Dawil, Sunway University, Malaysia

Research Area: 

E-Commerce and M-Commerce Applications, Internet of Things

Research Experience:

Notable Publication(s)

  1. Ismail, A., Rose, I. R., Tudin, R., & Mat Dawi, N. (2017). Relationship between service quality and behavioral intentions: the mediating effect of customer satisfaction. Etokonomi16(2), 125-144.

  2. Mat Dawi, N. & Jusoh, A. (2017). Service quality concept in pay TV industry. In A. Jusoh (Ed.), Service Quality Perspectives. Johor Bahru: UTM Press.

  3. Mat Dawi, N., Jusoh, A., & Md Nor, K. (2015). Service quality dimensions in pay TV industry. International Review of Management and Marketing6(S4), 239-249.

  4. Mat Dawi, N., Jusoh, A., Md Nor, K. (2013). A conceptual model of customer behavioural intention: moderating effects of switching barriers and social ties. Jurnal Teknologi64(3), 29-33.