Welcome Dr. Vinay Kumar ​from Data Science & NLP, India to be Committee Member!

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Dr. Vinay Kumar, Data Science & NLP, India 

Research Area: 

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Research Experience:


IIT Kharagpur

• Context preserving responsive navigation redesign under Markovian assumption. (Published in ECRA)

• Subjectivity Analysis for Hashtag, tweets, YouTube comments, newspaper articles and sub classification tasks.

• Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis for identifying citizen's concern from crowd sourced governance ideas.

• Word2vec based semantic recommendation model (Data Set: Amazon) at IASNLP-2016. (IIIT-HYD)

• Churn Prediction for bank data using Artificial Neural Network (IIT – Kharagpur 2017).

• Bank Marketing Data Analysis using R (IIT – Kharagpur 2016).

Silicon Institute of Technology

• Designed recommendation model considering semantic analysis. (Published in IJCA)

• Advertising in Vertical Social Network.

• Developed and deployed college tech-fest website single-handedly in 15 Hrs.

• Lead a 16-member team for web-development for 3 years during B.Tech. (www.vgyan.com)